Western Mass Institutions


Who We Are

The purpose of this committee is to coordinate the work of individual AA members and groups that are interested in carrying our message to the incarcerated alcoholic unable to attend outside meetings. 

For the benefit of those incarcerated, the committee also sponsors the "LIP Service" program ( Literature in Prisons), collecting and distributing literature donated by members. Additionally, the committee oversees regular AA meetings held in facilities and treatment centers where people are receiving help, usually for substance abuse.

The committee also makes connections between people leaving treatment programs and people in the AA fellowship through a national program called "Bridging the Gap." Area 31 Bridging The Gap phone number


Nearly all donations to the committee are used to purchase conference approved literature for direct distribution to newcomers in institutions. The officers of this committee are elected by the Institutions Committee.

Western Mass Institutions Committee - 7:00 pm - 1st Wednesday
Providence Hospital Auditorium, Holyoke, MA.

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